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DnD Summer 'West Marches Style' Campaign Session - "Vecna" - June 19th @ 6PM

DnD Summer 'West Marches Style' Campaign Session - "Vecna" - June 19th @ 6PM

Your ticket to join d20 Comics and Games for one of our summer campaign session!

While this is an ongoing campaign, it is West Marches style (a type of campaign that is comprised of one shots that work towards a long term storyline which means that players can come and go session by session with minimum recap needed) All players are part of an adventuring guild where members will group up as needed for various quests, so each session will begin with everyone being brought up to speed on major plot points established thus far in the world before taking on a quest for the night. Eventually the storyline will culminate in a final session dealing with the bbg, and the date(s) for such will be posted well in advance so that as many members as possible can join in on the fun!! 

Whether you come to just one session or all of them, it is a great way to spend an evening rolling dice, fighting dragons, and interacting with other geeks!

Each session will have a $20 ticket fee for play that Wednesday. Everyone will also be gifted a dnd starter pack on their first session with us (includes a set of dice, a notebook, and more!) Tickets will only be valid for the date indicated during purchase. 

While we will have some premade characters available for anyone to use, they only have the base stats filled in and will not be fully flushed out characters, so we do recommend bringing in your own characters or coming in a bit early to be able to give the premade PCs some TLC on their backstories. 

Our DM is very open to homebrews, creative ideas, and extra pizazz, but they do still need to sign off on all characters before use to make sure that it works within the mechanics of the world, party, and quests. If there are any homebrews that you feel might be a challenge, feel free to message us beforehand and our DM will let you know as soon as possible. 

If you have joined us for any of our Intro to DND one-shots, this is a great way to move into a more long term version! Our DM is more than happy to answer any questions needed as we go, and we do expect all of our more advanced players to have patience with any newbies as we are always welcome to a mixed bag of players. However, if you feel like you need more work before comfortably moving into the campaign, you can do as many beginner sessions as needed before transitioning for a slower paced environment. 

All sessions will follow the same timelines:

5:30PM - Check-in and character check offs 

6:10PM - Player last call and plot recaps 

6:30PM to 9:00PM - the Adventure Begins! (time is fluid based on number of participants)

Space is limited to keep the party manageable, so grab your ticket soon!

(As this is a scheduled event and requires resources for planning, there is a no refund policy on in store events.)

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